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lotsa local love-pasta and seafood

February 17, 2009
homemade valentine ding dong

homemade valentine ding dong

As exciting as it is to be spending this year in Chicago, I would have been so sad to not be home with Dennis for Valentine’s Day. And, it was great being in my real home, having the chance to visit some of my favorite stores, running into old friends everywhere I went.  We started out with lunch in Kerrytown, one of Ann Arbor’s most happening spots on Saturday.    Mike Monahan, the local fishmonger,  treats my Mother like gold.  She inevitably orders Calamari and Jean-Luc is in heaven with fresh oysters that Mike shucks on the spot.

I knew that Mike would be making some special Valentine Papillotes, and he did not let me down.  This year it was “salmon with lobster sauce and wild mushrooms”, wrapped in parchment paper so all I had to do was pop them into the oven for 15 minutes.  Along side, I served Al Dente Wild Mushroom Fettuccine tossed with fresh spinach and Parmesan Cheese.

avocado vinaigrette, like in France

avocado vinaigrette, like in France

For our appetizer, I had a craving for avocado served with vinaigrette in the center.  I remember having it like this when I was 7 years old, in France.  I am surprised that the idea never caught on here, but maybe now it will.  Just in case it’s not obvious, you take your spoon and scoop out the avocado and a little dressing with each bite.


cheese from Zingerman's

Dennis stopped by Zingerman’s for an assortment of cheese and bread, and I went to Big City Small World Bakery for one of their homemade Ding Dongs, which I had always wanted to try.  Everything served with Champagne, the meal was perfect!

magical morning at the lake house

magical morning at the lake house

The next morning we woke up to fog coming up off the lake in a way that only the tops of the houses on the other side of the lake were visible. We had never seen anything quite like it.  This photo comes with a wish for magic, love and good food for all!

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